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Tax filing made easy

We understand tax so you dont have to. Just sign up and Slap. will handle the hard stuff.

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Affordable monthly subscriptions

Stop dreading huge one-time tax return fees and get year-round savings, guidance, and up-to-date tax know-how with our affordable monthly subscription.

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Never miss a tax filing deadline again

Stop worrying about last minute deadlines and submissions - our automated subscription makes sure you never miss a tax due date or paperwork requirement again.

Let the experts to do what they do best

The Slap. experts are all highly qualified, certified CPAs and EAs, ensuring you get the highest quality tax preparation and advice.

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Your all-in-one tax return solution

Getting started takes just a few minutes by entering some information - stuff like your name, contact details, employers, etc. Once that's done, our experts take over collecting documents, finding deductions, and handling seamless filing every year so you can kick back and relax.

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On-Time Filing Guarantee

We guarantee your taxes will be filed on time, every time.

We will cover any late filing penalties incurred.

Which won't happen because we're on the ball.

Accurate Refund Guarantee

We guarantee to get you the most accurate refund amount.

If not, you get 1 month free.

Which won't happen, because again, we're on the ball.

A Tax Solution For You. Finally

"They should have taught us how to do our taxes in school" is in the past. Slap. is designed for all of you who have no idea what the heck to do with your taxes.

I genuinely thought doing my taxes was going to be a life long mission. Well thanks to Slap. I never have to worry about it again
28 year old operations manager

What a life saver

I've been penalised for not filing my taxes, because I just don't know how to. Thanks for saving me

25 year old Account Executive

Highly recommended

Would definitely recommend Slap. I finally don't have to worry about tax season again

30 year old lawyer

It's just so easy

At my age you would think I'd have my taxes sorted, but I don't. Thank you for making this so easy

55 year old Sales Representative
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- Tax tips emails
- Tax deadline reminders
- Tax savings alerts
- Mid-year tax check in
- Referral rewards program

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SARS Auto Assessments?

We've got you covered. If auto assessed, we'll ensure you get back what you deserve!

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Simple, upfront pricing with no hidden fees so you know exactly what you're getting. Get unlimited access to Slap. tax experts. No upgraded packages needed.

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