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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Slap. located?

We are a 100% remote company, but all our employees are from South Africa.

How can I contact Slap. ?

For any queries, concerns or feedback, please contact us on

If you'd just like someone to talk to, that's kind of sad.

How do I know this is safe?

Slap. was designed by 3 CA's and an average gal, who, just like you struggled with the complexities of tax submissions. We developed this service to assist those who are in the same boat as us.

However, if you're still not sure, take a look at our client's page to see some success stories from our happy clients! 

I was auto-assessed by SARS. What now?

If you were auto-assessed by SARS, you should still sign up with Slap. We will review your assessment & ensure everything is in order.

The auto-assessment window is very short, and thus many don't get much back, as not all deductions will have been taken into account. Signing up with Slap. with ensure that, if you do get auto-assessed, everything will be in place to get as much back as possible.

Why should I pay monthly instead of doing a once off submission?

Slap. subscriptions ensure you are always ready:

1. You will never miss a submission deadline again.
2. If you get auto-assessed by SARS, you will rest assured knowing Slap. is considering all possible deductions.
3. You will receive monthly tips & tricks that will help you get as much of a return back as possible.
4. You don't have to fork out a large sum of money once a year to submit your return.

Is my tax return checked before it goes to SARS?

Yes, before submission to SARS,  we personally reviews your tax return. While you're accountable for providing accurate figures, we scrutinise for consistency, flagging any apparent duplicates or omissions, and ensuring all pertinent questions are addressed. Any unusual amounts will be clarified with you for accuracy. We aim to catch any errors prior to your tax return reaching SARS.

Why do I need to transfer my e-filing to Slap. ?

In order for us to submit your return, we will need access to your e-filing profile.

Do I need to know anything about taxes to use Slap. ?

Absolutely not. Slap. was designed for you, someone who wishes they taught us how to submit our taxes in school instead of how to use the Pythagorus Theorem.

We know taxes so you don't have to.

Who are the people behind Slap. ?

Slap. is powered by a passionate team of Chartered Accountants and expert Tax Practitioners based in Johannesburg.

Slap. was created as a digital platform to allow anyone to submit their taxes with ease and without having to deal with boring people. However, if you ever need to speak to a real person just email us on

Do I need to have all my documents prepared before I start with Slap.?

No you don't. Just start by submitting your IRP5 doc here. We will reach out to request any other missing documents.