How does Slap. work?

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1. Sign up

Follow our 3 step, sign up process thats easy, fast and secure.

2. Welcome email

You will receive an email confirming that your profile has been set up.

3. Transfer request

A request will be sent from SARS to transfer your efiling profile to Slap.

4. Submit your docs

You will receive a link to submit your tax related documents.

5. Sit back and relax

We'll send you an email confirming we are working on your profile & submission.

6. Submission update

We'll send you an update on your submission. You confirm and we submit to SARS.

7. Slap. Tax Submission

We submit your tax to SARS. It's done safely & accurately to get you as much back as possible.

8. Bring home the bacon

Receive your funds within 7 days after receive email confirmation of your submission.

The Tax Certificate from your employer

IRP5. This is the payslip from your employer. You should all have this ;)

The Tax Certificate from your bank

IT3 (b) and/or (c). This is only if you receive dividends, interest or capital gain.

Medical aid contribution

Your contribution certificate and any medical invoices (yes you can claim tax back on these).

Retirement contributions

If you have a retirement or pension fund contribution , ask for the certificate.

Commission earner log book

If you receive commission income, fill out our log book and just submit that.

Travel or vehicle allowances

If you are lucky enough to receive travel or vehicle allowances, fill out our log book.

Non-profit donations

Article 18A certificate. If you made any donations to non profit organisations.

Sale of any fixed assets

Capiral gains information on the sale of any fixed assets, excluding motor vehicles.

We've got you covered!

We know this whole tax thing can be very confusing & overwhelming!

We make it easy for you!

Through our easy sign up process, we take the hassle out of tax filing.

We do it the right way!

Rest assured, knowing our Slap. tax practitioners are 100% qualified!

Get back what you deserve!

Your submissions are done correctly, to get you as much back as possible.

100% qualified tax practitioners.

All Slap. tax practitioners are registered.

Built by people like you!

We were founded by 3 people that understand tax and 1 that really didn't. We know the struggles!

Used by real people like you

We have many people just like you that use Slap. and never have to worry about their taxes again.

We know taxes so you don't have to

We're some of the very few that actually know how tax works. So let us do what we do best, while you sit back & relax.

What if I don't have all those docs?

All you need is your IRP5 to start
If you don't have any of the other docs, thats okay
If you have any questions our team will help!

Can I ask a human for help?

Absolutely! Check out our live chat to get in contact with our team.
Take a look at our FAQs, we probably answer most of your questions there.

Do I need to wait for tax season?

The earlier you sign up the better!  
Our subscription, gives you monthly benefits, so sign up now for tips & tricks of how to get the most tax back.
what we do

Your all-in-one tax return solution

Getting started takes just a few minutes by entering some information - stuff like your name, contact details, employers, etc. Once that's done, our experts take over collecting documents, finding deductions, and handling seamless filing every year so you can kick back and relax.

Tax made simple, finally

We understand tax so you dont have to. Just sign up and Slap. will handle the hard stuff.

Affordable monthly subscriptions

Stop dreading huge one-time tax return fees with our very affordable subscription.

Never miss a tax deadline again

We guarantee your submission will be filed on time, every time and we'll cover any late penalties!

Accurate Refund Guarantee

We guarantee to get you the most accurate refund amount.If not, you get 1 month free.

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Never worry about your tax filing again!

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